Waste Time – the journey begins



This year we’re going Plastic free!

Last year we tried to minimise what we threw away.  As the weeks went by, I realised that it might be better to reduce the amount of plastic we buy, rather than recycling so much of it.  Most of the plastic that’s recycled can only be used again once, and we know that whatever it’s made into, it won’t biodegrade so will eventually become tiny pellets in some form or another and leach into rivers and oceans. Awareness of the way our planet is choking in plastic seems to have increased dramatically over the last few months, with more and more people interested in how they can cut down or cut out. I think if this as the “Attenborough Effect” after the Blue Planet series.

In this year’s quest I am already finding the following website and facebook page useful:



by the Christian world’s answer to Sir David, Ruth Valerio of the charity A Rocha.

It’s always a bit daunting to start such a challenge, although we have kept many of the practices going since last year so some have become second nature. Since we won’t be able to go completely free – I am being realistic! – the following news from Julie Larner gladdened my heart:

“Dear Facebook Friends

Many of you will know that I am involved in the packaging industry – and specifically the packaging I work with is Bread Bags ! This material is not (usually) recycled via local authorities. BUT IT IS RECYCLABLE – AND CAN BE AT LARGE SUPERMARKETS !!!

Please would you do your bit and recycle your bread bags and other similar material – such as toilet roll wrapper, kitchen roll wrapper, magazine wraps, shrink wrap, produce bags, frozen veg bags (and others as long as grease washed out), cereal bags; and other stretchy plastics.

Hopefully the ‘owners’ will have had printed the following on the pack –


Please do your bit (I gather it all up in a bag and take it when I go shopping) and don’t let it go in the bin!”

I have just switched to loo roll which comes wrapped in paper (and is made of recycled paper not trees) from the company “Who gives a crap” (more on this in another issue) but it’s good to know how many kinds of plastic bag can be recycled. I’m also happy that cereal doesn’t need to be off the menu completely.

Here’s to a 40 day journey of wasting time!






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